June 10, 2009


we finally sat down and did it! we re(re)designed my blog! yippee! and i must say it is pretty fabulous. not only is the girl way cuter with this color scheme but i also have a super cool blinky header. and of course it's all thanks to my fabulous sissy. i could definitely not do it without her. she is super creative and fabulous and this whole blog thing is solely because of her. so thank you sissy. you are fabulous and loved.

you should go over to her design blog and order something.

or perhaps, you would like to follow her on twitter. she's kind of funny. not as funny as i am....of course.


  1. LOVE IT! So cute and so you.

  2. Gorgeous header. Its so pretty :)

  3. Love this new design. Cute and unique and easy on the eyes.

  4. Love the redesign! I like the blinky header, very cute and not too distracting.

  5. Ummm...I'm pretty funny. Some might say I am even funnier than you. So watch yourself.

    Nice blog. I'm not so bad, huh?

    I'm definitely cooler than you. Look what I can do with a blog :)

    See? I AM funny.


  6. Lovin it!! and your title!!