January 8, 2009

a good laugh

here is a good story. to preface: my friend j and i went to lunch and movie the other day and out waiter at lunch was a very charming and funny and kind of cute boy. my friend j left him a note with her number on the receipt. he called later in the day. the two proceeded to make a date for the next day to meet at a starbucks near a movie theatre then see a movie.
jump to the next day: so j met him at starbucks, they didn't get anything and went straight to the movie. once inside the theatre, her date, let's call him t, asked j if he could have a seat that faces the exit sign. first sign he is without question a little off. he then says that that was one of his many "quirks" and that she would learn more about them and eventually know them all. skip to after the movie. the movie is over and the two decide to get food. they sit down. after having been sitting for a few minutes t asks j if he can have a hug, saying that he is a very touchy person and he hadn't really gotten to have contact with her yet. j gets up and hugs t. the hugs lasts for a while, t just won't let j go. they sit down. second sign that he is definitely weird. they eat. the check comes. t pays. j offers. t goes on to say that j can help pay on their next date. sign three. time to run. t was very intent on telling j that he wanted another date but that it was apparently her turn to 'initiate.'
j won't be calling.

saturday is my cset and i am getting really nervous. i am spending all day tomorrow studying, but i must go to walgreens and pick up a pack of #2 pencils. i have a lot of studying to do but i have to do it. if you want it you have to work to get it.

quote of the day:
"the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
~eleanor roosevelt (1884-1962)
first lady, civil rights activist and author


  1. What a kind of creepy first date! I would definitely run.

  2. Thanks for the Stephanie Pratt update. Ugh... I wish I had seen her.

  3. The guy sounds like a crazy. I went on a date with a waiter in high school. NEVER AGAIN!

  4. He sounds fabulous. Yikes. Did we find out why he wanted to face an exit sign?

    fortunately for me j is sitting next to me on the sofa, so I'm going to ask at the next commercial.