January 20, 2009


today was a historic day. we have officially sworn in our first african american president. our country has come a very long way in a rather short amount of time. hopefully as a country we can continue to make such great progress in all areas of life.

i was at the gas station today and i saw this woman wearing an interesting sweater. it was very intriguing, as the sweater looked like a 5 year old child has created it.

interesting right?? what are your thoughts?

here is some hotness for your day. the always sexy andy roddick practicing for the australian open shirtless. very nice.

so who watches the bachelor? i am loving it this season. there is so much drama! my favorites are melissa from dallas, jillian from new jersey and stephanie from alabama. stephanie's face scares me a little but she seems so genuine and sweet and her little girl is adorable. when her daughter came running up behind her on the beach i cried hysterically. that was without question one of my favorite bachelor moments. the two of them and their kids would be adorable. the one i hate the most is meagan. she is bitchy and seems fake. i would like for her to go home.
the united states of tara premiered on sunday and i absolutely loved it. toni colette is hilarious and the show started off very well. i am excited to see the final personality (alice) to come out, we didn't get to meet her on sunday.
i will say this once and that is it, i hate american idol. repeat hate. i don't understand why it is still on the air. the only good idols are kelly clarkson (obsessed with her new single, my life would suck without you! get it on itunes immediately) and carrie underwood. both are fabulous but every other idol has been basically unsuccessful. i love clay aiken but he didn't win. he has an amazing holiday cd.

here is something fun that jill did on her blog. i'm bored so i'm going to do it too. enjoy!
~open the book closest to you; turn to page 56.
~find the 5th sentence.
~post the text of the next 2 to 5 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
~don't dig for your favorite book, a cool book, or an intellectual book! Pick the closest.

here is my closest book:

and here is what page 56 has to say:
"what a disaster. the sex was okay, but for some reason i lost interest....or consciousness. whichever. i awoke to a blinding sunlight burning into the room at around seven a.m. this guy didn't even have blinds on his windows. this place was turning into some sort of torture chamber."

i haven't actually started reading the book but i plan on it tomorrow. i love reading and chelsea handler is hysterical so my guess is that i will seriously enjoy the book.

quote of the day:
"what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
~ralph waldo emerson (1803-1882)
american philosopher, poet and leader of the transcendentalist movement


  1. I love The Bachelor too! I like all the girls you like. I also like Molly. Jason is so cute; I had a dream about him last night.

    I'm with you American Idol... can't stand it.

  2. I haven't watched the Bachelor yet this year, but that Melissa girl looks super familiar to me. I can't figure out why! Anyway, the Chelsea Handler books sounds funny - she usually cracks me up!

  3. I so wish I was back in Australia right now ;)

  4. Yayyyy Obama!!

    So glad to have found your blog. It refreshes my soul when I see fans of our new Prez. (Not even kidding.) :)

    I too am a hugeeee Bachelor fan and love the girl from jersey. I hope she wins, she got the first impression rose so there is hope!!

    Also love your quote at the bottom there.