January 29, 2009

(embarrassing) story time

i just found this blog by a girl named maxie. she told a great story that is a bit too much information but is one of those stories that deserves telling.....so she told it. her story has inspired me to share a wonderfully embarrassing story (that i very briefly referenced once before). so here goes.............

my thirteenth birthday was a huge deal....and i mean huuuge. i got to have a huge party, get a new dress, get my hair done etc. i was so excited! it was also the first time i was going to really wear heels. i had never actually worn them before because i have always been kind of tall and never felt that i needed more height. so i wore heels. nothing insane, probably less than three inches but those heels changed my life. so the day came and i was ready. i was all dressed and made up and good to go. by the time my grand entrance came around my feet were killing me and i apparently couldn't stand it any longer so i took off my shoes. clad only in my dress and sheer stockings i decided to make my grand entrance. bad idea. someone should have stopped me because before i know it i am running through the double doors and onto the parquet dance floor where i slip, fall and land on my (beautiful) face. if it hadn't have happened in front of 150 of my closest friends and family it wouldn't have been so mortifying but it did. i fell on my face at my birthday party. then i got up, brushed myself off, took my father's hands and started dancing. it still stings a little but i like to think of it as my horror story and one day something will happen to one of my children (when i have them) that is absolutely mortifying and this story will hopefully make them feel better.......ideally.


and today is oprah's birthday! happy birthday queen o!!


  1. haha well at least you took it really well! i would have cried all night and ruined my party at that age

  2. A moment I will surely never forget. Yet until you brought it up not too long ago I totally forgot about it.

    So you. Love it.

  3. I love Christmas as much as the next girl (ok, way more) but you have a touch too much Christmas cheer on your blog.

  4. The important thing is that you stood back up, brushed yourself off, and carried on. Good on you.

    That and the fact that down the line, when your kid (should you have any) tells you you have no idea what it is like to be embarrassed, you can say "oh really?" and mean it.

    - Kendall from 20SB

  5. Ouch! Glad you just got up and danced :)