January 6, 2009

awards season

one of my favorite times of the year (behind christmas and my birthday) is awards season and it is officially upon us! sunday is the golden globe awards and shortly after that are the screen actors guild awards. one of my (and my friend j's goals) is to see all the nominated films and actor's in films before the oscars. we should be able to do it.
i have seen:

the curious case of benjamin button (motion picture, drama)

revolutionary road (motion picture, drama)

mamma mia! (motion picture comedy)

vicky christina barcelona (motion picture, comedy)

milk (sean penn, actor, drama)

changeling (angelina jolie, actress, drama)

pineapple express (james franco, actor, comedy)

tropic thunder (tom cruise and robert downey jr, supporting actor)

the duchess (ralph finnes, supporting actor)

the dark knight (heath ledger, supporting actor)

the great thing about the golden globes is that you get not only movies but television as well. i watch a lot of nominated television. tv is amazing.

dexter (series, drama)
house (series, drama)
californication (series, comedy)
entourage (series, comedy)
weeds (series comedy)

and tons of people i love are also nominated. there is some seriously amazing tv out there.....in case you didn't know.
and speaking of televison all of my favorite shows are back this week. from gossip girl, to nip/tuck, to law and order svu new episodes are everywhere. gossip girl, as always, did not fail to deliver. that show is so good it's sickening. nip/tuck is good but it's getting a little ridiculous. desperate housewives and brothers & sisters both came back with great episodes. tomorrow is grey's anatomy and i am still hoping that it will 'come back' from it's slump but i just don't know. especially now that t.r. knight (george o'malley) wants to leave the show. the only person i want gone is katherine heigl (izzie stevens). first of all, her story line pisses me off and two, her character just isn't good. it's boring. granted, denny looks hot but still. i am hoping they make her go crazy and then she is written out of the show.

ok enough about that. i am so excited because there are just six days left until my best friend from college a get's here. she is moving out full time and i couldn't be more excited! she is one of the craziest and fun girls i know and i am so excited to have her in the same city as me again. trouble will ensue, i am sure. so check back for updates on the madness. hopefully my life will be significantly more interesting once she gets out here.

quote of the day:
"go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
~henry david thoreau (1817-1862)
american author, transcendentalist and philosopher


  1. It was great to see you again. I thought of a perfect job for you... one of the reporters on TMZ. You're always in "the know" and you have the perfect voice! I'm not kidding. Please interview.

  2. I love award season too. In high school I always watched the limos arrive at the Beverly Hilton. So fun.

    PS-I saw Emile Hirsch at Disneyland yesterday (speaking of Milk)