February 18, 2011

has the princess reclaimed her throne?

the original princess of pop, miss britney jean spears is back and i must say that i have missed her!


last night, after/during/before the jersey shore shittiest piece of crap on tv , her new video for hold it against me premiered. i just caught it this morning and i am both impressed and left wanting. brit looks hot, no doubt about that. the close-ups of her face are gorgeous and her extensions look flawless (thank g-d!). but when it comes to the dancing, her moves aren't tight. she is no longer the britney from baby one more time - which we get flashes of in the video. she looks good, don't get me wrong, but the dancing didn't seem on par with the britney of yesteryear.

you can check out the video here

i do, however, LOVE the homage to rocky horror with the bright red lips on black. and the video in general. jonas akerlund, the director, did a phenomenal job.

what do you think? is it britney's best?

peace & love

1 comment:

  1. The video is awesome, but I give her overall a C+... miss the old Britney!