June 28, 2010

i wanna do bad things

anyone out there a true blood fan? i am! i always look forward to it and am never ever disappointed.

i particularly enjoyed the season premiere when eric was having sex with the new stripper and they showed the beautiful vampire fully naked from behind....very nice. twas rather enjoyable. apparently we'll get a little more of it later on this season...

i also loved when sookie walked into fangtasia and pam (my favsies) hits on sookie and goes "how did you know lavender was my favorite color?" pam is one feisty bitch. i am definitely a fan of hers. i love her one-liners.

in last night's episode we finally meet alcide the werewolf played by hottie mchotness joe manganiello


this show just keeps getting better and better....

1 comment:

  1. True Blood is my addiction!! Im so happy u made a post about it! ERIC+SOOKIE all the wayy and Alcide is really hott as well :)