June 27, 2010

best. week. ever.

well, good evening. do you come here often? i used to, but it's been awhile. however, i feel like once again becoming a regular.

this week has been rather epically wonderful. i got a promotion, an iphone 4 and the new season of entourage all in the same week. it's kind of incredible. the question is, which one is the best.

obviously the promotion is good. no sense in questioning that. kind of excited.

entourage is also pretty fabulous. i really only watch it for ari and lloyd. their relationship is the best thing since jack and karen on will and grace. one of my favorite moments between ari and lloyd occurs earlier in the show: lloyd walks into ari's office in a rather flamboyant and hilarious outfit. ari looks him up and down. lloyd then goes, "do you like my outfit" and wiggles him hands showing off the printed sleeves of his sweater. ari then proclaims, " you look like michelle kwan in drag." and of course the moment when ari declares that lloyd is his "gaysian" and that he "fills two quotas".

i think i am going to have to say that the iphone is probably the highlight of my week. keep in mind i went from a first generation iphone (not even 3g) to an iphone 4, so i am especially thrilled. not only does steve (my iphone, named after mr. steve jobs....brilliant son of a bitch) go very very fast, but his camera zooms, his video shoots hd and i can video chat with other iphone 4 users....amongst other wonderful features. steve is also very sleek and handsome. i love him.

i'm sure my sissy face will be very happy that i am blogging once again. she has been asking when i was going to start again...and i decided that now's the time.

that's all for now, friends. come back soon.

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  1. You're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we have to redesign the blog. Totally over this one. Let's make it happen. Love you. And my new iPhone. xxxxx