December 22, 2009

it's the most wonderful time of the year

merry christmas and (hippy) happy holidays, friends.

by now, with my severe lack of postage, i doubt there are any readers but i am going to post anyways.

i recently resigned from my job because i found a new one and timing had it that i ended up with two wonderful (and much needed) weeks off. my two weeks basically started yesterday and i have decided that i am going to craft the time away.

my first project, candy to go with my holiday cards, failed. the molds i used for the candies smelled like silicone and the scent, no matter how long i soaked or how hard i scrubbed them, would not go away. i was so bummed. they were adorable.

my next project went significantly better. i made my own wreath! i am completely obsessed with it and it is now hanging on my door.
it was a lot easier to make than i thought it would be. i just bought a plain wreath at michael's (as well as all my decorative accents) and used floral wire to tie everything down.
i wanted something a bit more simple and with a vintage feel. they had a bunch of random bouquets of twigs, and other things so i found ones i liked and ended up cutting them apart and using each piece of the bouquet separately.
i also bought a bunch of spiral twigs, cut and attached them and then put dabs of glue and sprinkled silver glitter on them to give them a little sparkle.

it was definitely a fun project.

now i'm doing a puzzle. i haven't done one in forever and i am very excited. so far, so good.

i also plan to organize my room, download lots of music and blog.

will keep you all posted on the progress


  1. Look who finally posted! You forgot to mention that you put the molds in the dishwasher and they melted. Sad. They were from paper source in Chicago, you know. Way to destroy the wonderful molds that make everything smell like a rubber ducky.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. cheers to you for the ambitious craft projects and puzzling! the wreath looks adorable :)

    congrats on the new career adventure.....sounds like 2010 will be a great one!

    happy happy holidays,