February 28, 2009


happy saturday blog universe! hope you like my new look. it is temporary but it feels better than the christmas. i love christmas but it was getting to be a bit ridiculous that my blog was still chrismafied in almost march. hopefully i will have a new pretty blog design soon (hint hint sissy).

anyhoo....there are some things in life that are seriously unacceptable: colored leopard print, sharon stone dressing like a 19 year old, mullets and mom jeans. there is just no excuse. the other day i saw a woman in mom jeans and yesterday i saw a guy with a mullet. not ok.

took this the other day


  1. Hey Girl. I've been trying to leave you comments for the last 2 weeks andthe word verification letters wouldn't pop up. Boo!

  2. Didn't you know mullets are making a come back? I know boo...that was one trend that should have stayed gone!

  3. I cannot believe there are people who think the mullet is attractive/flattering and acceptable!