February 13, 2009

the bag game

my friend j at peep-toe pumps and pearls tagged me on this super fun game!

here are the rules:
1. take a photo of whatever bag you are currently carrying. you cannot switch bags. it is the bag you are currently using so no cheating.
2. say what it is and how much it costs. it's not about judging. it's for entertainment purposes so just spill it! also if the bag has a story please tell.
3. tag some friends.

the bag is kate spade. it's amazing. it looks black but it is actually very dark brown patent with brown leather trim. it's gorgeous. it costs $500 but i got it for $150.
the story behind it is that i used to work at kate spade. we got a very generous discount and right before i stopped working there we had the opportunity to purchase one bag at a 'double discount' which meant 75% off. it was amazing. so i bought this bag. and it was a great choice. it's huge.

i tag:
lulu at sweet songs of life

kate at nautical by nature

and miss jc at pleeze pass tha pees but holde da korn

sassy engineer at a sassy engineer


  1. Great Bag!! 75% off... I'm wondering if I should get a weekend job at Kate Spade. What a deal!

  2. how funny - i worked at a ks boutique many moons ago....i miss our discount.

    fantastic bag choice.

  3. Oh my goodness that's a great discount! I have a really cute Kate Spade that I got at a garage sale for SEVEN DOLLARS! It was like new!