February 12, 2009

per usual

of course i'm bored. why would i not be bored. i have no job so i am bored. mine and d's friend j did an alphabet meme on her adorable and fabulous blog so i decided to play along.

a. almost famous. incredible film. and unquestionably one of my favorites.

b. britney spears. obvs.

c. california. the west coast is the best coast.

d. d - my sissy. she is the reason for my blogging and my obsession with twitter.

e. elephants. they are so cute.

f. friends reruns. there is nothing better, providing they don't play any later episodes.

g. gossip girl. whatever. i'm addicted. it's fucking delicious. deal with it. plus i live for b's headbands.

h. hamlet. my favorite of shakespeare's plays.

j. "just dance" by lady gaga

k. kit kats. particularly the mini ones passed out on halloween. gimme a break!

l. lavender. smells so good!

m. my best friends. i am so thankful for them and all the things they have taught me.

n. nuts. not! i am deathly allergic to nuts. particularly peanuts, pistachios and cashews.

o. one tree hill. just get over it. it's amazing. i've never missed an episode. it's fine. it's better than some other tv out there.

p. puppies. i really love animals and puppies (especially super duper cute ones) are a huge weakness.

q. questions of the day. i sometimes ask a question of the day on my blog. such as "what is your favorite type of cheese?"

r. raw cookie dough. duh. delicious. just gimme the whole package.

s. s - my little sissy.

t. tucson. the location of the university of arizona. aka my alma mater.

u. university of arizona. go wildcats. bear down.

v. vincent chase...aka adrien grenier the star of hbo's entourage. love it. plus i have loved ag since the movie drive me crazy (brilliant film). he is so cute.

w. whitney port. because i talk like her. that's just for you j.

x. x-rays. ok so maybe i don't love them but i have had so many of them in life. i cannot even begin to count. it's kind of gross.

y. yin and yang. i love the whole concept of two opposite halves coming together to make one perfect whole.

z. zucchini. so good. my mother will sometimes marinate them in soy sauce and sesame oil and grill them on the bbq. they are amazing.


  1. Oh My Gosh... Love your list! I'm so glad you picked "Whitney" for your W! I want to see Brittney in concert sooo bad. Are you gonna?

  2. I think I am seeing Britney in Vegas in April! I am SO excited