February 6, 2009

call me

i was driving in the car on the way to the movies with my friend j and eventually we come to a stop behind a big yellow school bus. the bus was full of kids (probably going on a field trip) and all of a sudden the ones in the back start waving at us. obviously j and i wave back. i always believe in following 'sweet & sour' etiquette. for those who don't know/remember what sweet & sour is it is when you and your friends wave at passersby and the ones that wave back are sweet and the ones that don't are sour. i couldn't be sour! well, as the bus begins to pull away, one particular little boy waves at me and mouth (with the hand signal) 'call me.' now, mind you, this child is approximately 8 years old. had he been 20 years older this would be another story.
i should have gotten his number though and seen if he had a hot brother or single dad.....................just kidding.

but seriously.