February 10, 2009


tr knight and katherine heigl are officially out of grey's anatomy. i am so sad to see george o'malley go but izzie needed to leave a loooong time ago. i just don't like her. good riddance.

i would like to introduce you all to my new boyfriend owen....

isn't he handsome? i'm totally in love.

took some random photos

still no job. anyone shocked? anyone?? didn't think so.


  1. Congrats on your new boyfriend. He's so handsome. I need to find a bf for me now. :)

    Great photos. My fav is the pottery and plants photo.

    Jessica, I AM surprised you don't have a job yet. You're such a people person and you talk like Whitney. I think you're gonna land one soon! I'm looking up TMZ right now for you.

  2. I love Owen! He is precious. They are BOTH leaving the show? Holy crap! Yeah, she is driving me freaking crazy on that show...but I love Georgie!

  3. WELL, they did it. Grey's is officially OVER. So sad.