February 9, 2009

finally finally finally!

i finally saw slumdog millionaire! i know! it took me for-freaking-ever!

it was absolutely amazing! it was beautiful, suspenseful, exciting and heartwarming and i loved it. my little sister decided to ditch her friends and go to the movies with me.
now all i need to see before the oscars is: the reader, frost/nixon and doubt. not necessarily in that order. i am feeling solid in my saying that i think that slumdog millionaire will win best picture. it really was a phenomenal film.
i also saw h.j.n.t.i.y.......figure it out. not that hard. it was good. much better than i expected..............................................but i had low expectations. i do love ginnifer goodwin. she is great. i also happen to love her on big love.
speaking of television im kind of in the mood to share my list of shows. i downloaded the great tv forecast app for my iphone and i had to input my shows so i had to think of what i watched so here we go:

gossip girl
one tree hill
the secret life of the american teenager (shut up! you know it's good)
the bachelor (watch it on abc the next day)

90210 (it's sooooo good/bad)
law & order: svu

project runway (if it stays on wednesdays)

grey's anatomy

are there things on tv on friday?

saturday night live used to be good

desperate housewives
brothers & sisters
big love
the united states of tara
entourage (when it's on)
the tudors (when it's on)

i like tv. it's good. my new found enjoyment for crime shows comes from my lack of employment. i found all these shows that i now love.

this is my peace buddha. he is so cute and i velcro-d him to my dashboard.

he just sits there and brings peace and good karma. i love him!
i picked him up while i was out and also found this for the pup. how cute does he look?!?

and he is totally mr. mischief. he loves getting into trouble.

here's some sexy to brighten your day

i'm a big one tree hill fan and i know i love my chad michael murray (aka lucas scott) shirtless and close cropped with not too much facial hair. so hot!


  1. I am dying to slumdog millionaire. I love Dev Patel on Skins. I laughed so hard at your tv listing. I watch pretty much the same thing. Yea I know I love American Teenager. Oh love the pic. He is gorgeous!

  2. Hmmm... maybe I should see Slumdog Millionaire. I've heard so many good reviews. Tomorrow I'm going to see He's Just Not That Into You... so excited!

    OMG, what's up with Gossip Girl reruns? Another rerun last night.

  3. I LOVE One Tree Hill!!! It is my favorite, and I love Chad Michael Murray (especially with the more buzzed hair cut). He is definitely my latest celebrity crush - but don't tell my hubby!!!

  4. Isn't Slumdog good? I had been warned about some of the sadder parts (ie the eye scene) so I think that helped. Otherwise I would have been in tears or hiding behind my popcorn.

    I liked Frost/Nixon better than Doubt. Haven't seen the Reader though.

    Supernanny is on Friday nights. DUH! ;) (I do actually record it-don't laugh!)