February 23, 2009

pre-oscar fun

so this weekend - prior to the oscars i had some serious fun. first, my friend j and i went down to marina del rey and had lunch and took some pictures on the pier. i love how some of them turned out so check out below to see them.

in addition to the cool things we saw some not-so-cool things. first i saw this guy that i will call purple douche. look at his shorts, his t-shirt and his hat. he just screams douchebaggery.

while out picking up coffee the other day i saw this wonderful man. now, he was over 6 feet tall and he was essentially wearing purple booty shorts. totally inappropriate but obviously hilarious.

saturday night my two friends and i went out to a bar at a hotel. this hotel happened to be where the weinstein pre-oscar party was. it was amazing. there were people everywhere and it was a beautiful hotel. the party was upstairs and obviously guarded but we happened to have the best seat in the house. our table was in the corner facing the hotel driveway so we saw every person get out of their car and get back into their car. it made for some great moments. but the best part came when we were coming back from the bathroom and mickey rourke was leaving. he was kind enough to stop and take a picture so my friend and i both got one. i told him how much i enjoyed the wrestler so he 'choked' me in my photo. it's pretty great. and little did i know that shortly before the photo mickey had won the independent spirit award for best actor. if only he had won an oscar too.


  1. That photo is awesome! You better frame it ;)

  2. That guy dressed in all purple reminds me of the one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater! I really enjoy your blog!

  3. Oh my gosh.... that's so awesome!