February 2, 2009

bank of crazies

i was running errands with a friend recently and among the errands was the bank. well we are at the bank and what do i see......some wonderfully heinous clothing. it was a two-for-one special and it was glorious.
first we have the bank teller. i am loving the rat's nest on her head. it's beautiful. i wish i could do that to my hair. sadly, you are not receiving the full effect of her top. it sparkled. i have a feeling it was not costume day so my assumption is that these decisions are made on a regular basis.

then there was this lady. first of all, hair clips. oh god. second, her white patent leather booties. i love booties and i love patent leather but white is just not right. it's totally wrong actually. the entire outfit just doesn't work and reminds me of an eight year old girl dressing herself for school.

why would people do this?

my little sister s spotted this girl the other day. granted she is in middle school, but she went to school dressed this way. one, it was about eighty degrees outside and two, no one else was dressed up.

sometimes i just don't understand little kids. their idea is of funny is so different than mine. i would definitely not put on penguin printed flannel footie pajamas to make people laugh. i would probably bust this out....

i miss college.

oooh my little sister s also has these skills, in addition to hunting down those who are poorly dressed....

pretty cool......or not.

today my friends and i went to a fabulous exhibit at the los angeles county museum of art (lacma). it was the vanity fair portraits exhibit. it was several rooms of memorable vanity fair photographs and it was incredible. the exhibit started with huge black and whites of margaret thatcher and princess diana. there were also portraits of h.g. wells, george clooney, picasso and more. it was a beautiful exhibit.

here's some sexy for your day. enjoy...

so yummy

quote of the day:
"i never miss a chance to have sex or appear on television."
~gore vidal (1925-present)
american novelist, playwright and politician


  1. I love the bad fashion - where do you find these people?! Also, the sexy image of the day is quite nice :)

  2. I wish you had the girl in the black and white turned around. Looks adorable !

  3. Ok is that the Bank of America on Pico/Overland? Cause I swear I have seen that bank teller before!

    Those white boots are awful!

    I feel hot just looking at the PJs and uggs outfit!